Just More Puzzle Pieces Thrown Into Unfounded Theories Of Mainstream Scientists, Who Are Confused Enough Already With Large Collection Of Artefacts And Evidence They Were Unwillingly Forced To Deal With Over The Course Of Modern History . Only Based On Convenient Dogmatic Often Politically Motivated Theories Designed To Fit And Feed Well-Established Perceptions

Human DNA from 400,000 years ago discovered in... by euronews-en

As unbelievable as it may seem, the entire theory of evolution didn’t produce one solid evidence throughout it’s course in order to support it’s concepts . As for the different artefacts that had been discovered over time, all the findings from Darvin period on in regard to evolution were literally made up due to various reasons…

The reasons range from cover up and deliberate diversion to avert unnecessary public attention to mere stupidness and arrogance of scientists who made it their lifetime goal to achieve positive view on evolution. All the artifacts are carefully selected and sifted through to fit into theoretical template and all the evidence, controversial enough is deemed unfit and threatening got quickly taken off the public eye’s and “buried back again”.

As a pattern,in academic research process for example, bones and other artefacts collected for analyses were dug up on sites of human burials with frequently shattered bones of different animal species, mostly monkeys, taken for early-human bones. They were then assembled together to form a depiction of human-like hybrid creature that in reality was collection of bones both monkey and human lying next to each other. The polarity of differences in physiology of found remains of both species were vast, nonetheless accepted wholeheartedly to accomplish short term goal of getting overblown news coverage,to solidify this perception further. Theres  another important aspect, responsible for global cover up as leverage for manipulation , compiled by worlds most influential elites,comprised of bankers and financiers that are known to have covertly contributed major sums of money to support specific developments in science and human origins history specifically, which would have been a liberating factor in public mindset if discovered . Science is a powerful weapon able to change political course, influence world governments, deprive countries of their sovereignty,start military conflicts and impose control on free expression. Global mainstream science’s thesis’s  not only deeply flawed as criteria for research and analyses but also extraordinary corrupt with constant circling of big money often spent on bogus studies that aren’t supposed to have any beneficial effect on our life’s other than have us believe in utter importance of minor things so we could waste more of our precious time on thinking about solving them day by day.

Who pulls the strings behind the scene ?

Rockefellers and Rothschilds, two major players on world dominance stage. Two leading supporters of one world government rule,reflected in widely discussed “agenda 21” . U.N. backed proposal. There is a raging battle going on, on literally, battlefield of remains of our ancestors over the fate of truth and whether it is finally to come out.

The “Rockefeller Foundation”-main culprit for establishing and organizing science, developed over time through extensive funding program,funneling money to many renowned research institutions that prior to that were conducting innocent,low key,scientific projects aimed at discovering truth than covering it up .

During its 100 years history “Rockefeller Foundation” managed to promote science as a formidable force, an ultimate authority in producing knowledge at the expanse of spiritually-minded approach to science,that was quite popular in 19th century and as we know manifested in mathematical language which doesn’t contradict any of the scientific disciplines. As a result of their direct intervention and oversight of scientific studies, spiritualism and sacred universal knowledge concept was dismantled. Although,being a very shadowy group in their intention,they are practically submerged under the public radar,yet, involved in substantial amount of projects that have deep repercussions for future of our very life’s . Every such discovery is a wake up call not for scientists but for humanity, to search for alternative ways in thinking and viewing many aspects of our life and despise scientific authority that tightened grip on knowledge.

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