Scattered throughout 28 states and settled predominantly on the outskirts of Ohio and Pennsylvania, Amish rural history accounts for about 300 years, originating from Lancaster, PA where they first came to be. Amish community provides a vivid case study into important role of traditions and their impact on our overall wellbeing degree, most notably today,in contrast with the outside world which engulfed in endless fight for survival, where scientists fail to keep up with new, unknown forms of crippling diseases only because we ceased to maintain vital link to our origins. Often looked upon with contempt and suspicion by secularists for their indigenous character and natural practices they caught my admiration for preserving the time tested principles ,stubbornly adhering to the valuable life concepts to achieve everlasting harmony. Armed with prejudice and endowed with knowledge , a group of researchers from Ohio state university’s James Cancer Hospital embarked on a mission to conduct a study of what was supposed to be a corroboration of their baseless theories under the premise of people being susceptible to greater threats and risks based on their limited technological literacy as we understand it or lack thereof… The researchers were poised to report on various cancer related health issues when after spending more than 8 years ,employing door to door survey tactics the came to conclusion contrary to their assumptions. They had to face the reality first hand. To their great academic surprise which could only be described as “mystery” in their own academic language, what they discovered, was 40-63% lower probability rate than that of people outside the community in any of the cases and types of cancer. What’s more, in case of cervical cancer they found almost 0% evidence. Underlying the skin cancer in specific they also had to note that despite excessive exposure to UV radiation the entire day the skin conditions weren’t much compromised, sustaining piercing sun light. In the past century, Amish community experienced rapid expansion, filling their ranks with dissatisfied people surrendering their reality by fleeing urban communities in advantage of more secluded, morally thriving way of life, eagerly seeking the source of happiness and wellness . It’s  known that Amish people actively engaged in remedy search and homeopathic medicine practices,experimenting with herbalism-herbal treatments that is one of the prevalent components for attaining longevity and productivity as it had always been the case in all the times and all the cultures that relied on the traditions to prolong physical and retain spiritual existences, perfecting the perception of the world around us. Amish provide a vital link to a long forgotten concepts , we are compelled to rediscover again , failing in our current mission . Another renaissance of some sort which repeats itself time and again.


On the more evidential and practical note:

The real case to look into in search for solid basis to assertion about natural and traditional treatment’s positive impact surrounding Amish community can be taken from the story of an Amish girl by the name Sarah Hershberger,11, and her family who live in Ohio. A little girl was diagnosed with leukemia and was put on medical treatment in local hospital, she was scheduled for chemotherapy procedure following her admission to the hospital when her family promptly decided to interrupt her treatment process on the request of 11 year old girl because of fears of crippling health-related complications that modern medicine methods eventually bring especially when subjected to chemotherapy and such.

In defiance to court ruling, to assign “guardian” to make crucial life and death decisions for her and her family and the entire community in relation to medical treatments they’ve so vehemently objected to, they were forced to embark on the journey for their beliefs and dignity,fleeing ignorant and rude authorities, to take care of the little girl on their own, employing experience of history, traditions and medical knowledge as assets in swaying scales of life.

Sarah is said to be alive and doing pretty well with cancer is gone says her grandfather and no traces of terminal disease are present anymore, in her body as blood and imaging tests show, attesting to her full recovery after some period spent on the run with her family, avoiding harms of prescribed cure by modern doctors.