Michael Levi

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youtube: Michael Levy channel

Michael Levy is a prolific composer, who since 2006, has focused his unique skills, at both researching & recreating the playing-techniques of the lyres of antiquity. Basing these techniques on illustrations of ancient lyre players and the playing-techniques still practiced today in Africa, he has independently produced 18 albums of lyre music since 2008.
In 2013, Michael’s contribution to attempting to recreate the music of antiquity received academic recognition and was featured in an article published in “The American Harp Journal”. The paper, by Diana Rowan, was entitled “The Universal Lyre: Three Perspectives”.
For most of Michael’s albums, he plays an evocation of an ancient Biblical lyre called the “Kinnor” – the 10-string lyre once played by his ancient Levite ancestors in the Temple of Jerusalem to accompany the singing of the Levitical Choir.
As the Kinnor is similar to the ancient Egyptian lyre, the ancient Greek & Roman Kithara, Michael has also explored recreating the music of ancient Egypt, the music of ancient Greece & the music of ancient Rome, with both original compositions for lyre in a selection of some of the original ancient musical modes, as well as arrangements of some of some of the actual music of ancient Greece.
Michael’s music has been featured in support of exhibitions at the British Museum, The Royal Ontario Museum, the Chicago Oriental Institute, the Liverpool World Museum and the National Museum of Prague.
Michael’s lyre music has received airplay on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 and has also been featured in episode 2 of the BBC 4 Television documentary series, “The Dark Ages An Age of Light”.

Podcast: Conducted by Legendary Radio Personality Zach Martin

“The Universal Lyre: Three Perspectives,” paper by Diana Rowan in “The American Harp Journal”

An article about Michael’s work by the archaeological author, Petros Koutoupis