Bio Zach Martin

 “We will never hear ‘Put Me in Coach’ from future generations if we do not prepare them to participate in society; heal the broken in body, mind, soul and spirit.”  Writer, Author: Featured on CNN and Court TV, Martin (2005) teamed up with best-selling true crime writer Clifford L. Linedecker co-writing ‘Death Angel’ published by Kensington Books. Zach gets personal and tells the tragic tale of his mother’s death, one of many victims to serial killer Charles Cullen.   Embracing technology, he is self-publishing several E-Books simultaneously, ready for release in the near future.  Legendary Radio Personality Zach Martin On the Radio: Over three decades on the New York City market, Zach’s broadcasting career took to the air in the eighties beginning with Atlantic City, Asbury Park and Long Island, Zach’s radio travels include stops at Terre Haute, Indiana, York, Pennsylvania, Norfolk, Virginia, along with major markets including Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. Zach has worked at some of the biggest stations in America including New York’s WFAN and Q104.3, Philadelphia’s WMMR and Y100, Baltimore’s 98 Rock and Sirius Satellite Radio; including nationally syndication through the Jones Radio Network, hosting mornings at WNNJ in North New Jersey and weekends at WAXQ in New York. Production Notables: Executive Producer for one of radio’s biggest legends more importantly friend: Scott Muni. Interview (alphabetical) Notables: (Interviews include but not limited to)

Adhering to his core belief if society loses its humanity, society is lost, Martin combines his education; Master of Business Administration Degree through University of Phoenix Online, Master of Arts in Divinity through New York Theological Seminary, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice through Saint John’s University (NY) and Life-Coach – International Coach Federation, with his humanitarianism. Applies both through volunteerism with organizations including: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus & Songwriting Contest, National Autism Walk, Uth Turn, SIDS, Breast Cancer Society, National Heart Foundation, Aids Walk-NJ Buddies, Society for the Prevention of Suicide, and VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM, etc. When you find yourself in New York City, visit the cafes and coffee houses downtown, you may experience Zach Martin, Orator – Thinker, during an impromptu small group discussion on Theology, Science, Business, Psychology and their relationship to, impact on current-events. Ardent Sports Fan Activities:

  • NASCAR and Motorsports: Love journeying to the various tracks to experience the sights and sounds…Not how I drive!
  • NY Giants: Over the years, individual players I have met, call friend, have taught me to ‘Expect the Unexpected’, never anticipate a loss.

“Imagination propels society; Music (The Arts) is the inspiration, enabling the spirit to enrich our humanity, which for society would otherwise be just a dream.”

Speaker Bureau Bookings, Services Offered by Zach Martin:

  • Civil Discourse: Theology, Science, Business, Psychology and their relationship to, impact on current-events. 
  • Corporate Chaplaincy-Counseling Services