The Drepung Loseling monastery monks visited NYC on occasion to promote the values of peace and compassion with presentation of Tibetan mystical traditions and also gain support for their cause and struggle as a nation . One could spot interrelation between worlds major religious traditions as all of them derived from a single root origin mystical knowledge or divine wisdom before spreading out throughout the continents and settling in different parts of the globe tightly concealing and hiding the divine essence within the cloth of human subjective misinterpretation of the inherited wisdom reflecting different degrees of perversions of human nature and human mind in particular. The wisdom that is the key to a salvation in a drama and tragedy of human race upon the face of the earth . Tibetan  spiritual tradition is perhaps one of the few spiritual traditions practiced today that sticks to the original idea of law of causality(Karma) and reincarnation openly as a foundation for understanding Creator and Creation

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