Mesopotamian marshlands it’s a uniquely preserved ancient landscape located in Southern Iraq. This region today is a natural habitat of so called Marsh Arabs, people whose ancestry and traditions date back thousands of years, tracing their lineage back to the first known civilization on earth. Started out as a settlement center of astronaut explorers and gold hunters from distant 10th planet of our solar system according to their own testimonies and established  some 450.000 years ago, a colony named “Edin”. It was there, where the first experimental worker model was given birth to, to contemplate and fulfill ambitious plans of our Gods. Its a uniquely interesting spot not only because of its ancient landmark status but mostly because nothing presumably has changed in an ancient landscape ever since the first group of Annunaki led by Enki splashed down from above in marshland waters.  Inhabitants of this place even today conduct similar lifestyle and observe traditions inherited and passed down from the dawn of civilization.

Dried out by Iraqi government as a punishment measure, in retaliation to opposition and dissent expressed by local inhabitants, that fearlessly stood up to their government’s lethal tyrannical rule and oppressive behavior, proving their truly independent identity and tribal instincts, unchanged through generations. It rose from the ashes to its initial state through common endeavor of people eager to resurrect the glory of peculiar landscape coupled with nature’s own manifestations,it reminded us of the sacred status it bears, invoking thoughts of the mysterious forces at play that bring back the memories in the cradle of creation.

Cradle Of Creation