Long awaited results of DNA tests conducted on famous elongated skulls best known as “Paracas Skulls” are in… Preliminary analysis confirmed alien nature of elongated skulls with their very unusual physical attributes that are also believed by some to be the unknown,lost in time species,originated on earth some long time ago, the evolutionary branch we might not yet be familiar with or related to at best. Staggeringly enough, according to the publication, none of the skull’s DNA strains, matched any of our own, thus making it nearly impossible to trace back and recognize anything remotely close to us in terms of “evolutionary” lineage and history of presence on earth.

Modern science on the other hand insists on man-made cranial deformation as part of traditional customs in the region where these skulls were found. While these practices are commonly affirmed by many researchers to have taken place in distant antiquity as a way of paying tribute to gods in form of such deformation, by impersonating their physical exterior. Nobody, really denies the fact that some of the remains point out to distinctively deliberate outside involvement ,implicating ancient people of the time in such experiments that had taken place there. Even as researchers admit to having evidence of that, these practices may have occurred due to one or more reasons and may have had real prototypes in real life. The ancient scriptures talk about it explicitly …

Where did this tradition come from in the first place ? It must have been triggered by something or someone who lived among us and conducted their usual activities, for us to witness in awe and veneration…
If consider myths as a real life stories written down and born on a basis of earlier accounts of certain events that happened long before  then every detail begin to suddenly make sense  and fall into place . These stories, as time gone by were revered by succeeding generations who kept them as important aspect in their lives, religious practices and served as reference point in moral and spiritual teachings .

Every ancient culture have sacred scriptures or mythical texts that refer to otherworldly experiences with sometimes very elaborate details in them,that often pertains to technical and spiritual knowledge and information that is ignored simply because we refuse to believe in the value of the word that was much greater and take a little bit more seriously logic and wisdom of ancient peoples, who on their part weren’t shy to brag about their secondary role in foundation of the well-known “myths” as a outsiders whose skills came in handy in the aftermath of every significant event as scribes and word-masters that were tasked to preserve the history…

To mainstream science, the artificial deformation had taken place, only, because no one in scientific community had any other substantial explanation on the matter, besides strictly logical or first to come to mind.
Another popular idea put forth, is the hydrocephaly effect-genetic disorder that inflicts skull deformations. This theory was quickly debunked along with others that were rejected by many serious experts that tend to research the object of their research by not overlooking obvious standout features and important details that are easy to ignore at first glance.
Unfortunately, many of those actively involved in archaeological discoveries, refused, could or just didn’t dare to go beyond and break away from academic upbringing, so they could get involved in sacred storytelling process that is to benefit everyone on this planet and get us all rid of many unnecessary, puzzling problems we have to go through as a result of our sudden emergence on this planet. We as a species inhabiting the planet earth were deprived of our gradual evolutionary path,whose mission is somewhat different from what we used to think and might be understood had we looked at it from a different perspective …. As soon as we understand it we will be able to connect many things.

The story of enigmatic skulls began back in 1928, discovered by Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello was the graveyard, containing a pile of more than 300 elongated skulls, the largest finding of such character ever. The prominent figures behind this whole story is Brian Foerster and Lloyd Pye-man who stood behind this effort as well as managing other widely known project-“the starchild skull”. Dedicating much of his time and effort to this project he didn’t live long enough to see the fruits of his labor and undertaking. He would sure be satisfied and encouraged by these news today.
The story of elongated skulls will be incorporated into our life story puzzle, a bigger picture which we will recognize and be part of when all the essential parts of it fall into place.

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