Bigfoot aka Yeti aka Sasquatch is claimed to have been killed on September 6th, 2012 and its body revealed to public through series of photographs and footage recorded during the hunt spree in an area outside San Antonio,Texas. The second such case to date that involved group of hunters from Texas called “Bigfoot Tracker” with specific goal in mind, they are dedicated to catching and proving the ever elusive creature’s existence.The following episode footage to be included in upcoming documentary movie entitled “Shooting Bigfoot” presented by Mr.Matthews-member of the crew and renowned producer from UK.It’s said that over the course of the period that spanned more than a year since capture, the Bigfoot’s body had undergone a extensive examination and was subjected to intensive studies by various research institutions and worlds most distinguished scientists.Also,the official press conference is expected to take place in the near future as results are being slowly released to public .

It’s worth to mention that back in 2008, the same group was mixed up in a scandal, following the widely anticipated press conference , aimed at making public their first ever trophy-the body of a Bigfoot. The botched press conference, however, gone awry,ending up in failure due to suddenly discovered forgery -a dummy with which the real Bigfoot was substituted.  A tactic they had reportedly resorted to, to avoid unintended consequences and public disgrace as a result of the forfeiture of the above artefact.

Later, as they’ve tried to come clean, they announced that real body was promptly taken away from them by some shadowy government agency they struggled to identify(possibly men in black). Whatever the circumstances behind the whole story are , one thing I couldn’t come to grips with is what was necessity to kill the beast as opposed to get him tranquilized to subdue poor creature’s might if that was the goal.

They give us an important clue we have so struggled to uncover, an important link to our own ancestry and origins ,a shortcut we were longing and looking for, for a very long time. We could only hope for better outcomes in our interactions with unknown, as we proceed further in our quest for new answers. Maybe very soon we will get a chance to be introduced to our old relatives we forcefully parted with long time ago and it will again give us a chance to bond with them and embrace our mutual story on this planet

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