Art of healing existed all along,before we came into being  and our quest for sacred knowledge on earth begun, the knowledge of natural remedies was first utilized to treat our gods-creators that fell prey to cyclical changes on earth due to shorter orbital circumference, as compared to the home planet of our gods. A universal knowledge that we inherited, derived from laws of nature itself, where spiritual forces are invoked to bring relief and recovery. A prime component of ancient medical practice is Herbalism. Herbal properties were meticulously studied over the course of history and recorded in detail by healers of the remote past to be preserved in time and passed down, to still serve and be of use to us, today. The knowledge of human nature through bond heaven-earth concept, that is applicable to everything around us including ourselves, really connects us in many different ways to forces above, below and beyond our view and holism establishes such connection with our environment However, it has long been taken apart as an essential component behind traditional medicine, giving way to narrow-minded elites of professionals who choose to leave out “heavenly”-  most crucial component of equation needed for understanding of human nature with harmony ,balance and natural energy encoded into it . The heavenly appeal  was disposed of, in the process, due to negligence and incompetence on the matters of history, spiritualism, numerology, mathematics,sacred geometry and energy that are in fact parts of one common mechanism of nature that is compiled in accordance to harmony and balance laws. In contrast, we are now being plagued by deteriorating health conditions that keep on turning once scarcely mentioned, intricate names of an isolated and highly lethal diseases like cancer,autism,alzheimer into a full blown epidemics, sweeping the world, affecting everyone in its path. These issues became boundless in their movement, tackling continents and cultural differences.

Cancer,autism and alzheimer are expected to hit the highest mark yet, in population count and grow considerably higher in the next few decades.  An utter disaster in age of so much touted technological advancements we can hardly keep pace with, yet lagging far behind in our basic understanding of human nature and our behaviour in different environments, the fact that put us in tremendous disadvantage before any other creature, roaming the planet.

Modern science and technology failed to adequately address and explain natural occurrences we are part of, on molecular and universal scale. Quantum physics is perhaps the only viable branch of science except Metaphysics, that is attempting to answer puzzling questions of eternity, trying to look deeper to unravel gateway of spiritual realms and consciousness to gain comprehensive view of processes flowing around and within us that could be easily utilized in medicinal practices over again. There must be something else at work that keeps reminding us of our past mistakes. After a spike of progress over the last century we still struggle and unable to come to a full agreement over basic mechanisms of nature and human biology. Despite all the important discoveries that were made on the part of scholars who are illiterate enough to give new a findings a serious consideration from the perspective of carefully documented knowledge and not merely as an imaginary mythological accounts of ancient peoples pursuit of well-being and longevity they tried to achieve through a story composition they would think would make it for them if only they talked and wrote about it. Science, within the last century, swayed in more grounded and materialistic outlook on nature, as if by a signal, technological monsters rushed in to bring convenience in our way of life rather than understanding of who we are. That is became especially evident in such a sensitive field as medicine, where health issues, minor or big are treated with common-template applications that aimed at saving time and efforts despite considerable differences in afflictions based on various factors. It is mainly tasked with acquiring information on impending trouble to foresee possible consequences and focusing primarily on suppression of physical pain and symptoms that often leave people to deal with the same problems in just more pacifying manner, making it exacerbate overtime, eventually bringing health state to a brink of abrupt failure without much awareness or any warning signals emanating from within the body. In a bigger sense, modern medicine boasts breakthroughs that are narrowed down to technology that makes prognosis more accurately than it used to. This, let alone source of the problem conducive of potential health issues to aggravate from potentially misdiagnosed symptoms being that behind every technological development lies human factor with all it entails. Ancient scriptures give us a glimpse of possible solutions. Old scriptures are filled with references to medical practices and methods that helped ancient people successfully overcome and prevent seemingly inevitable consequences of malaises we suffer from, today. Precise knowledge of biological composition of human body with its internal structure played important role in choosing the right tools and techniques. Success of each of those methods relied to a large extent on connection between spiritual world of human and physical world, expressed in shamanism today that once was a cornerstone of medical practice. Medical procedures were neatly recorded in antediluvian civilizations , originating from far beyond that time frame ,journeying through time, to the time of Sumeria and Ancient Egyptian civilization – the final resting place of the secrets of the universe given to mankind as a reward to compensate for our biological imperfection in the eyes of the “gods”  to attain wellbeing. We were taught to benefit from wide array of options available to us in forms of plants and other natural resources and take advantage of their properties. The knowledge is housed beneath the surface,in tombs of ancient places like Egypt and all the sacred sites around the world  and is depicted in architecture, stones structures and visible to eye, surfacing above the ground. Objects we can practically read and learn from, to finally put it into practice just as ancients did.

The discovery of Otzi “The Ice Man”  helped shed light on healing traditions of the distant past and methods that were used to gain strength and fix health . The ancient mummy was found well preserved, in the ice of Alpine region on the border of Austria and Italy. The most intriguing was the fact that the body was carefully  mapped with tattoos in accordance to energy flow meridians used acupuncture today and already known to people thousands years before emergence of Chinese culture where acupuncture is claimed to have been originated. Plants were very important and cultivated for use in ancient medicine . In much older times, when our story began, in cuneiform texts of ancient Sumeria, we find examples of health-related aspects of life formed through excerpts of day-to-day stories of relations of gods and men. It provides us with opportunity to scoop up priceless knowledge from the ancient texts because they devoted significant amount of time to recording and elaborating on health and healing practices. One of our God’s that was presiding over human progress at the time of the reign on earth, unambiguous exclamation : “The bread is Death” directed at one of the mortal earthling can be taken in context with what we know today about wheat and gluten and inevitable harms wheat inflicts in the long run. Sumerians were first culture known to us ,to acquire the knowledge and teach art of fermentation and beer production techniques . Fermented food has always been deemed a holy grail in food consumption traits of every ancient culture on earth-traditions which have carried through eternity. Holistic approach to healing consisted in greater part of spiritual forces and energy flows within our bodies. Each organ within the human body was associated with particular godly forces at play that had names and titles assigned to them and had to be communicated and negotiated with along with other sequence of steps, rooted in materialistic, more physical applications aimed at balancing between lower and higher forces-needed be taken to deliver on needed results. It was well documented and stressed upon, leading to practical solutions. This sacred books and texts made their perilous way through struggle for sacred knowledge and power to Ancient Egypt where it’s settled for sometime without much attention from the outside world. It was preserved ,studied and practised there as divine knowledge bestowed upon people by god’s, in the same way as it was treated in preceding civilizations with the same deities migrating from one culture to another, adopted as gods and demigods. Egypt with it’s rich history produced and reproduced collection of documents, touching on many subjects of earthly and godly nature including large collection of medical texts, strikingly resembling that of Sumerians in general terms and direction. Egyptian medical Papyri :

  1.  The Edwin Smith Papyrus
  2. The Ebers Papyrus
  3. The Kahun Papyrus
  4.  The Hearst Papyrus
  5. The Chester Beatty Papyri
  6. The Berlin Papyrus
  7. The London Medical Papyrus
  8. The Ramesseum Papyri
  9. Carlsberg Papyrus
  10. The Brooklyn Papyrus

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The next destination point of this priceless knowledge was Greece. Greeks established permanent pilgrimage to Egypt in search of eternal wisdom. Greeks were well aware of Egyptian history and stories of kings and gods and creator of all as driving force of all-ultimate authority. Egyptian gods were borrowed and wholeheartedly adopted and worshiped in Greece as Greek deities , given Greek names. Such disciplines as mathematics, philosophy, medicine and cosmology were studied in depth by Pythagoras,Aristotle,Plato and other famous Greek scholars. It all translated into great philosophical teachings of  that time that spurred scientific pursuits of ancient Greece in a radical manner. Magic and spirituality was traditional component of medicine in even more ancient civilizations like Sumeria and Egypt and it applied similar techniques to afflicted souls. In Greece,for instance “Asclepions” sacred healing temples located in different parts of Greece and called in honor of Greek god “Asclepius”-god of medicine, were constructed to accommodate people for spiritual healing sessions. However, it was first civilization to start covering up knowledge of healing and putting under seal of secrecy,preventing it from spreading which contributed to demise of the culture in it’s entirety. In later part of history, Greeks shifted focus to more materialistic interpretations in science, what ultimately became western scientific doctrine . Spiritual knowledge began to dissipate with coming of a new era in science and theory of “homeopathy” introduced by Hippocrates despite getting his medical education in sanctuaries of spiritual healing. The scraps of this sacred knowledge once available to common people from different walks of life is now scattered around the world. Hidden away from public eyes in desolate areas of the earth it emerged again as classic shamanism in tribal traditions that indian and mesoamerican cultures practice to this day using same techniques that were used many thousands years ago, leaving for us an opportunity to touch and experience this sacral knowledge