I want to start off by pointing to the link I came across on Graham Hancock’s (famous researcher) website which in turn referred me to another article on different website, article which dealt with an issue of the so called “universe collapse” theory, one of the recent studies made by researchers at university of Southern Denmark. They took on the task to prove the  theory’s main point by applying  mathematical equations to their theoretical arguments. The article touched on certain developments that are taking place “somewhere” as they asserted in deep space and long term consequences that will come with it , resulting in imminent shrinkage and ultimate collapse of all the matter in the whole universe. After having read this article I made sure I wasn’t reading somebody’s invented fantasy tale or a science fiction movie annotation. I finally, came to grasp with what was presented to me along with other readers, underlying some very important  “scientific” terms this researchers had to resort to and data they claimed to have gathered along the way as they progressed toward their final conclusion .

The most important and relieving was the final outcome of their deliberations on the matter and the answers they came to after doing all kinds of theoretical tricks by abusing the power of mathematics. It’s turned out to be a very positive thing to realize that all that after all might very much be unlikely to happen according to researchers statement they released afterwards, upon finishing their work  they so tirelessly advanced and in fact might never happen.

Those were the same people that fight day and night against alternative thinking and approaches to science and archeology in particular as a main source of physical evidence which they take very lightly despite touting the factual foundation for any sorts discoveries before anything else and it’s these same controversial uncomforting discoveries that make their minds boggling and enter state of denial or rather it’s based not on our misconception about “official” academic community’s traditional way of thinking as the main reason for their attacks, innocent pretence we tend to fall for when met with skepticism when in fact the truth is simply covered up due to different interests . Often borrowing the same ideas and presenting them as their own at a later stages in an effort to save their careers, inevitably hitting the breakwall in a quests for truth.

The Excerpts :  10  Contradictions

 1)                  “The latest research shows that the universe’s expansion is accelerating so theres no reason to expect a collapse from cosmological observations”

2)                  “The universe will certainly collapse, researchers just don’t know when”

3)                  “The universe will probably collapse”

4)                  “A collapse is even more likely than the old calculations predicted”

5)                  “Maybe the collapse has already started somewhere”

6)                  “new calculations from physicists at the University of Southern Denmark now confirm this prediction…”

7)                  “Many theories and calculations predict such a phase transition – but there have been some uncertainties in the previous calculations”

8)                  “if this ultra-dense Higgs field exists, then a “bubble” of this state could suddenly appear in a certain place of the universe at anytime, similar to when water is boiled

9)                  “According to a press release, after the Big Bang all material was ejected into the universe from one small area, and the expansion is still happening

10)            “Despite the new calculations predicting that a collapse is now more likely than ever before, it also possible, that the process will not happen at all


Link : The Collapse Of The Universe Could Be ‘Starting Right Now’