Ron Wyatt was a maverick adventurer, independent researcher, and quite controversial person, claimed to have received a supreme guidance in navigation of his resounding archeological discoveries. He had a chance to experience first-hand encounters with the alleged guardian-angels and divine deities all over the holly sites, including the one that houses one of the most sacred and sought after artefact in the history of archeology.

Placed deep inside the underground tomb, was god-bestowed – “Ark Of The Covenant” which no one could surely locate to this day, with the exception of a few commonly proposed theories on where it might have actually been kept or hidden from public eye with the goal of preserving the sacred ark for future generations as a prize for endless wisdom seeking endeavors, signifying, anticipated global awakening process.

Ron, was reluctant in taking any credit for any of his controversial discoveries, rather blaming it on hand of god , providence and mystical powers at work, for these discoveries bear great deal of responsibility and profound consequences. Details given by him in his personal accounts about journeys, can hardly be explained or dismissed merely as a product of his imagination and ought to be looked at with some degree of seriousness due to described details accompanying his stories although, these stories may sound unbelievable for some skeptics.

Being a humble and devout man, chosen on grounds beyond his personal beliefs, he seemed fit for the task to openly expose god’s presence and his relations with god, through the prism of history,religion and archeology. Wisdom, revealed to him by mysterious messengers, attest to the fact that bible is first of all a  historical scripture,filled with literally  documented events that occurred since the inception of man. Modern archaeology and science today is prompted to address ancient myths,heavily relying on biblical stories as main source, reflecting incapacity to uncover the truth.

Dismissed by many in his own religious circles as well as archeological community particularly, closely involved  – “IAA”(Israel Antiquities Authority) that was directly responsible for granting him verbal permissions for sake of avoiding any unnecessary scrutiny from the public, to execute excavations on digging sites throughout designated territory that was assigned to his team. For reasons unexplained, the officials in “IAA” dismissed any rumors of direct contact with Ron and giving him a green light to excavate after it garnered much of attention from followers and critics alike .

None of scholars today as well as in the past or at the time these events have occurred, offered a tangible refutation on the matter of basis of their criticism other than citing  official talking points of mainstream archeologists. Official response evolved around same old arguments, accepted in scientific circles today. The attack on their way of thinking was met with resistance by deploying a well-known strategies in defending their point of view. Feeling somewhat  challenged and facing imminent threat to their  framework of thoughts, they shamed Ron’s personal character as well as his expertise in theology and Biblical tales .

Among his claimed discoveries are :

Noah’s Ark
Sodom And Gomorah
Red Sea Crossing
Ark Of The Covenant